Youth Projects

Youth influence in fighting poverty has been a steadily growing ambition for ZASP.

Youth Courses

Two folk high school courses directed at youths are the Basic Course and Second Chance. The Basic Course gives the students an increased awareness about their rights. It also includes lessons on leadership and corporate boards, and sustainable development. Second Chance offers children who have left school early a chance of making up years seven through nine.

Youth Workers

Three youth workers from the folk high school in Värnamo did their work training in ZASP’s youth programme. This included giving 14 young people leadership training, and they are now in charge of extra-curricular activities for children who are at school.

Youth Council

The young people from the area around the project centre have their own democratically elected board. The board is tasked with providing extra-curricular activities three afternoons a week, and weekend activities for young people. The board is also in charge of the ZASP Tournament, a five month long football- and netball tournament.